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27 July 2007 @ 06:12 pm
Friday, July 27th, 2007  
Upcoming Appearances

Carly Pope guest stars on The 4400, Sunday, 9PM/8c on USA Network
Leslie Bibb's upcoming TV appearances
Carly Pope's upcoming TV appearances
Chris Gorham's upcoming TV appearances
Sara Rue's upcoming TV appearances
Tamara Mello's upcoming TV appearances
Bryce Johnson's upcoming TV appearances
Leslie Grossman's upcoming TV appearances


4 Carly Pope icons by tribades  
3 Chris Gorham as Henry icons by zimona  

Completed Fiction

"That's Mine" (Sam/Brooke, PG) by </a></b></a>baby_c15
"Better than Coca-Cola" (Sam/Brooke, G) by
"Morning Glory" (Sam/Brooke, PG) by </a></b></a>concorddawn
"Punch Drunk" (Sam/Brooke, PG), by </a></b></a>concorddawn
"Hot for Teacher" (Sam/Brooke, PG) by </a></b></a>concorddawn
"Eye of the Beholder" (Sam/Brooke, G) by </a></b></a>concorddawn
"Halloween Hijinks" (Sam/Brooke, R) by </a></b></a>concorddawn
"One of Those Conversations" (Sam/Brooke, G) by </a></b></a>hypno_ninja

"Let Me Clean You Up" (Sam/Brooke, G) by </a></b></a>carpesomediem


Leslie Bibb at Comic Con (article, picture, and video)
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Ugly Betty Season 2 news, includes Chris Gorham's character Henry's fate, spoilery

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