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16 July 2007 @ 07:32 pm
Monday, 16 July 2007  
There were a few things missed over the last week. I'm just going to do a massive update to get us all caught up.

Upcoming Appearances

Leslie Bibb's upcoming TV appearances
Bryce Johnson's upcoming TV appearances
Leslie Grossman's upcoming TV appearance


Betty/Henry Spoilers for Season Two of "Ugly Betty" post in uglybetty by sometimescrazy


17 "Popular" Icons by halliwellicious in popular_fans
Carly Pope Picspam posted by carlyinrome at popedish
64 "Ugly Betty" Icons (complete with Henry/Chris Gorham icons) by shecouldnotlie at uglybetty
8 "Popular" Icons by novak_fan at get_bibbed, popedish, and popular_fans
10 "Ugly Betty" Icons (A few Henry/Betty icons) by gamma_wow at uglybetty
Betty/Henry Header by chlarkkent at uglybettyhenry
2 Carly Pope Icons by ba4ever at _lushlink
30 "Popular" Icons by hollywood_r_bin at popedish

Completed Fic

If at First You Don't Succeed(Brooke/Sam,PG) by carpesomediem at sambrookeisotp
How to Win an Argument(Brooke/Sam,PG-13) by hypno_ninja at sambrookeisotp
Something Most Odd(Brooke/Sam,PG-13) by baby_c15 at sambrookeisotp
The Idiot’s Guide to Shutting Down Brooke McQueen’s Brain, Heat Transfer, and My Marble Golem (With a Soul)(Brooke/Sam,PG) by hypno_ninja at sambrookeisotp


Weekly Drabble Challenge at sambrookeisotp

Obviously, this isn't everything that went down in "Popular" fandom today. If you have information that you'd like to see printed in the newsletter, please leave a comment and let us know.
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